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Flikshop is a mobile app and website that keeps families and organizations connected to the 2.4 million incarcerated people in the US. Simply add a photo, type a quick message, and press "Send". Flikshop prints and ships the personalized photo and message on a real tangible postcard and mails it directly to their cell.

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Help A Child with an Incarcerated Parent

Purchase Flikshop Gift Cards for children to send pics to their parents.

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become a Flikshop Angel

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goal Every Incarcerated Parent. Every Cell.

Receiving Smiles.

Angel Goal

1,000 Flikshop Angels


Mail Goal

100,000 Flikshop's



“It's something about them calling your name and then seeing this postcard that's personalized with my name on it that can mean everything!” 


—  Marvin, Georgia

What is a Flikshop Postcard?

we print. add postage. ship directly to their cell  

Profile Pic 

Main Photo

300 Character Personalized Message

why Flikshop Angels?

Marcus Bullock, CEO of Flikshop, searched for support of his business for 5 years. John Legend became his first "angel". He wants every other person behind bars to experience that feeling.